May 20, 2013

Signs of childhood cancer can be missed as ordinary “bumps and bruises,” or common sickness

Signs of childhood cancer can be missed as ordinary “bumps and bruises,” or common sicknessIt is a bizarre twist of fate when the signs of childhood cancer surface through seemingly ordinary, day-to-day occurrences, the kind we may call ‘kid’s stuff’ as they complain about an ache or pain, here-and-there.

After all, we never can come to grips with the notion that our child is vulnerable to childhood brain cancer, because we just did not understand the signs.

Signs of childhood cancer, as noted on the website, an American Cancer Institute funded site, can so easily appear innocuous by a parent.

What child is not dealt a barrage of bumps and bruises now-and-again? Sickness, too, can veil signs of more serious diseases, such as the early signs of cancer.

Accordingly, it is imperative that parents do not put off medical checkups for their children, particularly when the signs “don’t go away.”

Symptoms of brain cancer can include:

Back in 1998, seven-year old Rory was having problems with his motor-control in his arm and wrist, and then his speech became affected.

His parents, Ross and Mindy Deutsch, decided to form the Rory David Deutsch Foundation after their son’s passed away. It was their way to raise funds for research offer education and emotional support to families suffering from their child’s disease, and to raise awareness.

Contact us to learn how you can contribute to this important Foundation and empower families—and kids—with the courage to face such a devastating disease.


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