December 30, 2012

Pediatric Tumors Cure Is the Focus

Each year, approximately 2,000 more children and their families are burdened with the news that their child is suffering from pediatric tumors.  Unfortunately, even though this type of cancer currently has the highest death rate — even more than leukemia — research for a cure is currently the least funded.

At the Rory David Deutsch Foundation, our goal is to change that. Right now, experts aren’t sure what causes these brain tumors to appear. Some of them speculate that they could have been present from birth. It seems that we are far from finding the answers we need.

Although there has been a great deal of research done in the area of adult brain cancer treatments, the treatments that have been discovered for adults are not appropriate for children. For those children who suffer from the type of brain tumor that Ross and Mindy Deutsch’s son Rory died from, finding a cure is even more important.

Rory was diagnosed with a brain stem glioma, which meant that his tumor was located inside the brain stem. It was, therefore, inoperable. It was heartbreaking to watch him fight for his life on a daily basis. There is nothing as bad as being a parent and wanting desperately to relieve the pain your child is in…and yet knowing you can do nothing.

We want to save these children. A cure must be found for pediatric tumors. Research that is dedicated to children must be done in order to bring hope to these children and families who suffer on a daily basis.

Every child deserves a chance to live his or her life to the fullest. They deserve the opportunity to experience going to college, getting married, and having children of their own someday. At The Rory David Deutsch Foundation, we’re working hard to make those dreams become a reality for any child who is diagnosed with a pediatric tumor.

You can help us. You can make a difference. To find out how, contact us today.


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