December 18, 2012

Pediatric Brain Cancer: The Statistics Speak Volumes

Each day, about 11.5 children are diagnosed with pediatric brain cancer. That number means that during the course of any one year, over 4,000 families are given the news that their child might not live to see his or her next birthday.

This news is more than devastating. Each time a child is diagnosed, the lives of these families are changed.  Moms and Dads run to multiple doctors, hoping that the next one will give them news that’s more promising than the last doctor with regard to treatment and the outlook for their child’s condition. Unfortunately, because there are at least 130 different types of brain tumors, making a correct diagnosis is even difficult.

Finding a cure for pediatric brain cancer has been a long road. In fact, there hasn’t been much progress made over the past 30 years. Even children who have managed to go into remission still must struggle with the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation as it spent months wreaking havoc on their little bodies.

Many of these types of pediatric brain cancers, such as brain stem gliomas like the one Ross and Mindy Deutsch’s son Rory died from, will result in death for the children who suffer from them. Surgery is not an option because of the location of the tumor in the brain or in the brain stem. For these children and their families, their futures are bleak.

It was because of Rory’s memory and the special touch he placed on his parents’ lives during his short time with them that they started the Rory David Deutsch Foundation. It’s the goal of Ross and Mindy to rid the world of pediatric brain cancers once and for all. They battle for the lives of these precious children who suffer, just as they battled for Rory’s life; and just as he would want them to do, were he still with them today.

We can’t win the war alone. We need your help. To find out how you can join our cause and bring an end to pediatric brain cancer, contact us today.


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