Rory wristbands raced out of Running Right

Bill Moss is no stranger to The Rory David Deutsch Foundation. Through his Highland Park store, Running Right, he has been generous in donating silent auction items for The Foundation’s Family Events. This year his daughter gave him an opportunity to get more involved in the charity. “She was working on her Bat Mitzvah and was selling Rory winter hats and wristbands,” Bill explained. “I came home one day and saw the dining room table stacked with hats and bands and I realized we could sell them in the store.” The pull-on winter caps and the blue wristbands with The Foundation theme, “Brighter Tomorrows,” were very popular at The Foundation’s Family Event the previous year. Bill asked placed them in his store’s most ideal location, the front counter. The sales began in December of 2004 and continued until all the hats and wristbands were sold.

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