Duke reported achievements and optimism

As it has every year, the Brain Tumor Center of Duke University explained in a letter how the funds The Rory David Deutsch Foundation has contributed are being used to find causes and cures for pediatric brain tumors. In the letter, Dr. Bigner, M.D., Ph.D., the Edwin L. Jones Jr. and Lucille Finch Jones Cancer Research Professor at the Center, “We are in a major new era of rapid advances in brain tumor research. The ability to identify molecular targets with…genome technology is allowing us to identify new and previously unknown molecular therapeutic targets in malignant brain tumor cells.” The letter discussed other advances, including important work being done with a group of drugs called “small molecular inhibitors” and an epidemiology study that has been launched investigating some of the potential causes of childhood and adult brain tumors. The letter concluded by expressing great appreciation to The Foundation, which is certainly returned as we work together to move forward in this battle against childhood brain tumors.”

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