Barry Silver raced to the finish for Rory

For several years, Barry Silver trained for and completed the physically demanding challenge of a triathlon. The grueling combination of swimming, running, and biking in these events has helped keep the Northbrook-based attorney in shape, and his efforts have also contributed to the health of local charitable organizations. This year, his drive to compete raised $11,000 for The Rory David Deutsch Foundation. “Each year, I select a different organization to represent in a triathlon,” Barry explains. “The money that comes from those who sponsor me in the event goes to that organization.” It was Barry’s wife who helped him discover this year’s choice. She picked up a Rory David Deutsch Foundation brochure while shopping at the Campus Colors store in Highland Park. “My wife told me I had to read through it and, as I did, I knew I had found my next charity,” said Barry. “It had me in tears. After learning more on The Foundation’s website, I realized just how worthy this organization is, and just how important it is that cancer research be supported by continued funding.” The race took place September 9, 2006 in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. “More than 200 people made contributions to my race for The Rory David Deutsch Foundation,” he said. “It was incredibly motivating.”

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