Barry Bakal ups his game, and his support for Rory

When mixing his love of golf with his loyalty to The Rory David Deutsch Foundation, you could say that Barry Bakal tries to get as much out of every swing as he can. A year after playing 100 holes of golf with sponsorship support that raised $20,000 for The Rory David Deutsch Foundation, Barry returned to Hillcrest Country Club on July 30th of 2008 and rounded up his effort, so to speak, to 108 holes of golf for Rory. “With 108 holes, it made it an even six rounds of golf,” says Barry. “Of course, it also created an opportunity to raise even more funding.” That it did, as Barry’s one-day, one-player event netted close to $40,000 for The Foundation.

With an aim to raise awareness as well as funds, Barry once again sought out sponsors to donate dollars by hole and by score. Deepening his own investment in his game, Barry pledged $50 for every Birdie he sunk, and $40 for every Double Bogey or greater. A broad collection of supporters responded to his challenge.

“It’s a great feeling to know you can take something simple like playing golf and turn it into something that can benefit a worthy cause,” says Barry.

“That’s what makes this Foundation so unique. For ten years, Ross and Mindy have demonstrated such dedication and enthusiasm about working toward a cure for pediatric brain cancer that they encourage ideas like this. With all of the different events and people that are connected to The Foundation, it keeps the mission focused and fresh.”

While he is careful to pace his one-man events, Barry is sure to be out on the course in the coming years to win another round for Rory. “I realize I can’t do this forever,” Barry says with a laugh. “With more and more young people getting involved in The Foundation’s activities, I’m sure there will be many who come up with their own personal ways to generate support.”

In fact, Barry’s stepson, Barry Glass, helped coordinate an annual Powder Puff football tournament that raised funds for The Foundation in 2005 and 2006. Sponsored and organized by Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity at the University of Illinois, Urbana/Champaign, the tournament featured a competition among twelve sorority teams with fraternity brothers like Glass serving as coaches. “The next generation is already doing their part to keep this Foundation moving forward for the next ten years,” says Barry. “The ultimate goal, of course, is that someday such events will not be necessary because we will have found a cure.”

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