January 11, 2007

Star Team

Reprinted from the Pioneer Press Newspaper
January 11, 2007
The family of Rory David Deutsch gathers Oct. 28 for the Rory David Deutsch Foundation’s fifth bi-annual family event at the Highland Park Recreation Center. (Standing from left) Alan, Marc, and Craig Samsky, Ellyn Samsky and Enid and Ron Deutsch, with (seated) Rory’s parents Ross and Mindy Deutsch of Highland Park, holding their children (from left) Roxie, 5, Reggi, 7, Rickey, 11 and Robbie, 13. About 900 attended the party ‘Rockin’ Under the Stars,” inspired by Rory’s love of stars. The event raised $400,000 to continue funding research in medical laboratories at Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago and at the Brain Tumor Center at Duke University. The hope is to discover medical treatment that can combat fatal pediatric brain tumors. In the years since Rory’s death in 1998 at the age of seven from a brain tumor, the foundation that bears his name has raised nearly $5 million for research.

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