February 01, 2013

Pediatric Oncology Research Provides Hope

It’s been a long time since Ross and Mindy Deutsch heard their son Rory’s laugh permeate through their house. When he died from a pediatric brain tumor in his brain stem, the Deutsches knew that something had to be done to save other parents from experiencing the pain of losing a child.

This type of pain cannot be compared to anything else. It’s as if a part of you is dying along with your child. ¬†Even so, Ross and Mindy knew they had to step up. They had to fight for these children who didn’t have the strength or the resources to battle this disease on their own.

The Rory David Deutsch Foundation is proud to be dedicated to funding research for advancements in pediatric oncology, and Rory’s parents are encouraged. The news that other childhood cancers like leukemia showing an improved cure rate is very promising. It shows that with the proper funding, and with raising awareness of the need for more pediatric cancer research, a cure can be found. Even for brain stem tumors, like Rory had.

Each day, every dollar that goes toward funding this research brings us one step closer to being rid of this monster that threatens the lives of our children. Researchers are coming closer to finding the cure. But, unfortunately, they’re not there yet.

That’s why the foundation needs your help. Please take a moment to learn about Rory. He was a wonderful little boy with dreams and ideas for his future. Rory was an inspiration to everyone who knew him, and he continues to be an inspiration to so many people today. Rory’s face is evident in each child who receives a cancer diagnosis. It’s for his memory and his cause that this foundation was started.

We’re quite confident that if Rory were here with us today he would have a different dream. His dream would be to save the lives of these children, and to spare their families from the devastation that comes with a cancer diagnosis. Won’t you partner with us to help find the cure?

For more information on how you can get involved, contact us today.


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