November 15, 2012

Pediatric Cancer Patients: The Fight Is Just Beginning

Receiving the news that your child has a pediatric brain tumor changes everything. It completely turns your life upside down. The way you look at the world changes, and the way you look at your child changes. Each and every day, parents receive this terrible diagnosis, which sounds off like a death sentence in their hearts and in their minds. It causes pain, heartache and the inevitable question: How can this be happening to us?

Pediatric cancer patients continue to wait for researchers to find a cure for this type of cancer. It seems that it’s taking a long time. In fact, when we lost our son, Rory to this horrible disease in 1998, we were told there was no hope for him. Today, children and their families are receiving the same news from doctors: There is no hope.

But there is hope. Each day, through the work of The Rory David Deutsch Foundation, we’re reminded that hope exists. That hope is evident on the faces of the beautiful children whose dreams we represent. It’s evident in the lives of the families who are desperately waiting to hear the news from a doctor that their child isn’t facing certain death at the hands of a pediatric brain tumor.

That hope starts with you. It begins with all of us. It starts with being willing to give of yourself and of your resources to fund a cause that has formed relationships with some of the most prestigious researchers in the country to bring an end to the epidemic that is pediatric brain cancer. Through the work of the Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center at Duke University in North Carolina and the Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, we have the opportunity to give these children something that they were told they would not have when they first received their diagnosis; we can give them a future.

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