August 16, 2009

Indian Trail springs into action with "Ragnar for Rory"

Spring is sure to be a heart-pumping season at Indian Trail School. The Highland Park school that Rory attended will host a “Ragnar for Rory” fundraising event in support of The Rory David Deutsch Foundation. As part of the fundraiser, students will participate in a weeklong distance running program in May during physical education classes. Adding energy and excitement to the activity, six of the school’s teachers will be part of an ambitious relay race from Madison, Wisconsin, to Chicago on June 8th and 9th.

Josh Funke, Physical Educator at Indian Trail, led the effort to turn the teachers’ participation in the Ragnar Relay into a fundraising effort. “We started coming up with ideas and the next thing you know we had a whole curriculum and a team in training,” said Funke. He is among the teachers who will run in the annual overnight Ragnar Relay.

Before race day arrives, the Indian Trail student body will collectively run 200 miles. “They’ll use pedometers to track their steps and they’ll follow their progress on a map that will simulate the same run us teachers will take on in June,” Funke explained. “They’ll also be able to chart our progress through our blogs and Facebook page over the two days of the race.”

The school hopes to raise $10,000 for The Foundation through donations toward this two-pronged event. Donations can be made through the school or online by clicking here.

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