February 06, 2012

Brain Cancer Victim's Courageous Battle

While brain cancer is the third-most-prevalent cancer found in children today, the cause of most of these pediatric tumors is simply unknown, according to articles posted on the National Cancer Institute website.

When it comes to brain stem gliomas, those cancers can be either benign or a malignant brain cancer with the latter cancer more likely to “grow quickly and spread into the brain tissue.”

Rory David Deutsch was 6 years old in 1998 when he began experiencing a pain in his arm. Initially, his father Ross thought little of it, chalking it up to the aches-and-pains of being “six.”

But it got worse: Rory couldn’t curl up his hand to make a fist…his wrist was weak and then went limp.

After the general testing by their local pediatrician, the decision was made to consult with a neurologist at Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago, where Rory was ultimately diagnosed with having a pediatric brain stem tumor.

A vibrant and active youngster, Rory loved books and was quite the science guy. He liked video games and his favorite, all-time-ever was Nintendo.

At seven, Rory died with no chance of any treatment. Unfortunately, a surgical solution was not an option due to the position of the tumor; however, Rory did go through extensive chemo and radiation treatment.

But his courage became his legacy, an inspiration that drives the Rory David Deutsch Foundation today. The non-profit, which has raised over $7 million since its inception in 1998, is committed to funding research and programs aimed at advancing the fight to eradicate this fatal disease.

Moreover, the organization also focuses on other childhood diseases, as well as nurturing family members.

Contact us to learn how you can donate. The foundation has raised considerable funds to date via its online donation website, where contributors can pledge as little as $5.


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