November 27, 2012

Brain Cancer Association Helps Parents Cope With Loss Of Son

It would be difficult to express what Ross and Mindy Deutsch felt when they were given the diagnosis that would forever change their lives in 1998: Their 6-year old son, Rory, had a pediatric brain stem tumor.

Most likely, after hearing such devastating news, hope surfaced. But over the course of numerous consultations and tests, it was determined that Rory’s tumor was simply untreatable. Not even the surgeon’s scalpel, nor chemotherapy, nor radiation could save this wonderfully courageous child.

Searches through such well-written brain cancer association information about brain stem gliomas and other types of pediatric diseases might bring some comfort to families following such a diagnosis as they seek answers.

Ross and Mindy ultimately found some solace as they struggled with the impending death of their son, thanks to a fortuitous phone call from Duke basketball Coach Mike Krzyzewski. The coach had befriended Ross months earlier at an adult basketball camp.

The result of the phone call moved Rory’s parents away from trying to “define” what was happening to them, to doing something concrete in handling their horrific situation.

The Rory David Deutsch Foundation grew from an idea to fruition in a very short period of time; it was the balm that Ross and Mindy needed as they looked for ways to grapple with pending death of their courageous and inspirational young son.

To continue their fight to find ways to eradicate pediatric brain tumors, and other debilitating childhood diseases, the foundation works endlessly to fund pediatric cancer research and programs, as well as promote programs to get both young and old involved in the organization’s efforts.

Contact us to help the further Rory’s legacy by donating as much as you can to this worthy cause.


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